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Can you help us teach children to survive their worst day?

At Live Learn Survive we are on a mission to change these statistics:-

  • That 42 people drown every hour of every day
  • The only 9% of 10 year old kids know a rescue skill
  • That 71% of drownings of 5 – 14 year olds are BOYS

Right now, we are working with companies to educate children in regional areas because more people drown inland than at the beach.

What we know is by teaching kids life skills they become confident, empowered and know what to do in an emergency, through our education programs we help kids unleash their inner superhero.

Are you OUR next Superhero?

At Live Learn Survive we collaborate with a wide range of organizations who care about the welfare of children in their communities, seeking collaborations that are mutually beneficial for the business objectives of your organization, just as much as ours.

There are many opportunities and benefits of partnering with us, engaging your team, as well as your community and highlighting your commitment to being a socially responsible business.

Get in touch, we’d love to explore how we can work together to benefit the children in YOUR community.

Some ways we can help get your business involved

  • Donate books to local children, schools and libraries.
  • Sponsor a school visit to deliver our Live Learn Survive educational, interactive life skills workshop.
  • Sponsor a visit to a regional town to visit schools and community groups with our educational, interactive life skills workshops.

Not you? All we ask is please follow our socials and tell the people in your region that have an interest in the welfare of children about us, then they can get in touch. We will be forever grateful.

Thanks to our sponsors...

McCullough Robertson
Promo Shack
Nicole Goodman
Eye Design Graphics

Special thanks to these sponsors of our 2022 UK & Ireland tour.
This tour would not have been possible without you, you are our heroes!

My Big Green Fleet
St Minver Link
Cork Lifeguard Academy

And a big shout out to these heroes who supported us in England.
Their support allowed 4000 children across the UK learn skills that could save a life…

Sea Hotel
The Chalet
St Moritz

Become a corporate partner

Get in touch, we’d love to explore how we can work together to benefit the children in YOUR community.


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