Maxi the Lifeguard Books were written with a goal to save lives

Maxi’s Beach Rescue

Maxi’s birthday present was a brand new footy.
He can’t wait to take it to the beach for a kick!
What could possibly go wrong?
Will Maxi learn his lesson?

Maxi’s first picture book for children aged 4-8 years,
a fun adventure with valuable water safety lessons in there too.

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In Deep Water

Maxi joins Buckler Ocean Swimming Club to have a bit of fun with his mates. But then a big prize for the Junior Ocean Challenge is announced. The winner will get money for their club and a day with legendary lifeguard Mick Hawk! Maxi would do anything to win. Especially as it might help save Buckler. Will his hard work and determination pay off, or will Maxi’s arch-enemy ruin his chances?

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The Stormy Protest

2019 Winner of the Environment Award for Children’s Literature

When Maxi and his friends discover that someone has been dumping rubbish into the ocean near Bondi, they are furious. Who would do such a thing, and why won’t anyone take them seriously when they report it? Luckily, Maxi has a plan – but exposing the polluter will hurt someone he cares about. Can Maxi find a way out of this messy situation?

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Beach Battle

Maxi is stoked to hear that Juniors from a British ocean swimming club are coming to visit Buckler. If the trip is a success, he and his mates will visit their club in England next year! Maxi is keen for it to be perfect, but someone sneaky is trying to wreck their plans and is writing mean lies online. Can Maxi patch things up before their beach rescue demonstration becomes a beach battle?

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